As specialists in the maintenance and repair of trucks, heavy commercial vehicles, and non-standard vehicles, Truckserv are the best choice for high level checks and inspections of all kinds. Our MOT preparation service offers an expert approach to making sure you are ready for your truck MOT, in and around Bristol.

We know the value to commercial operators of keeping every vehicle on the road as much as possible. Time spent undergoing inspection, maintenance or repair can be costly, but is a necessity for the safe running of your fleet. With Truckserv most work to your commercial vehicle can be carried out at your site, reducing down time and minimising the cost of essential work.

Detailed preparation for statutory safety checks

Preparing your lorry, truck, or non-standard vehicle for testing or checks is the best way to ensure continued certification without a hitch. Our truck MOT preparation service is designed to make sure every aspect of the vehicle is ready for the test, avoiding the delay and additional cost a failure can cause.

Our team are fully equipped to inspect your vehicle, with high-spec diagnostic facilities, and able to make spot repairs, adjustments, and/or replacements there and then. With mobile facilities provided by two service vans, we can undertake cutting and welding at your site too.

Servicing for non-standard vehicles

With a huge variety of non-standard vehicles provided for by our services, if you have a fleet that includes concrete mixers, screed pumps, traffic management vehicles, cranes, or film facility vehicles, Truckserv could be the specialists you need.

Our extensive experience keeping trucks on the road confirms that the best way to reduce down-time for your fleet is through regular inspection and maintenance – a vehicle that has been serviced regularly will take less time to prepare for testing, and is less likely to suffer mechanical failure.

Contact Truckserv today to find out more about preparing for your truck MOT in Bristol and the surrounding areas.