Commercial Vehicle Repairs Bristol
Welcome to Truckserv ltd, we are a heavy commercial vehicle maintenance contractor based in Bristol. We specialise in emergency on site repairs for major national operators that require urgent repairs due to the fact there vehicle operation is highly time sensitive i.e global parcel distribution companies, concrete pumping, mobile truck mounted on-site concrete  batching plants, television and film facilities vehicles – all with deadlines which must be met or heavy penalties are levied. At Truckserv there are a number of specialist vehicles with the parts, equipment and highly skilled dedicated staff to deal with such high pressure situations. Just take a look at our client list to see the companies that rely on us.

There are also clients that we do not advertise due to security requirements. Although Truckserv specialises in this type of work we have a fully equipped workshop within walking distance of central Bristol train station with facilities such as wireless 32 tonne vehicle lifts, software controlled aluminium welding plants, heavy lifting and pressing equipment, Enerpac hydraulic systems, diagnostic and programming equipment all specific to heavy commercial vehicle maintenance. This makes us at the forefront of specialist commercial vehicle services.


About Us

About Us

We maintain vehicles to a level which avoids costly breakdowns and time off the road. In fact we keep your commercial fleet moving even under the most severe operating conditions. We will always bend over backwards to get a vehicle on the road again fast when there is a risk that our customers may let down there own customers.

The staff at Truckserv fully understand and appreciate the detrimental effect downtime of commercial vehicles have – we understand the problems and huge financial  losses that can occur  when a vehicle is off road and a repair is needed – we fit our schedule around the customers needs and will never say ” sorry unfortunately we are closed ” or ” sorry unfortunately we cant really help you “. We are a small company with impressive contracts and this is one of the reasons why – we do not have opening and closing times for our customers .

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Only The Best
We only use approved Shell lubricants to ensure maximum engine and transmission service life – Only the correct specification shell lubricants are used as we believe Shell to be the best quality lubricants on the market with additives that will prolong the life of your vehicles.


Our Clients


Here’s a few of the quality brands we confidently fit to heavy commercial vehicles:


The only other parts we fit are manufacturer supplied – so all in all we fit genuine parts and that’s it. No aftermarket far-eastern manufactured parts that are dangerous and not cost effective. We will asses your individual needs and fit friction materials that are best suited to the type of work your vehicles do for cost effectiveness and performance.