Commercial Vehicle Repairs Bristol
Welcome to Truckerv Ltd, we are a heavy commercial vehicle maintenance team specialising in on-site repairs and maintenance. Based in Bristol, we are ideally situated to cover Bristol and surrounding areas, although we do cover areas as far as Central London for specialist on-site-applications.

If your fleet of commercial vehicles has specialist or non-standard equipment, bodies or attachments then look no further. Most fleets we maintain involve specialist applications. We currently maintain vehicles such as film and TV facilities vehicles, concrete pumps, screed pumps, volumetric concrete mixers, bulk aggregate tipping vehicles and trailers, traffic management vehicles with crash cushions and of course we cater for standard general haulage vehicles and trailers too.

About Us

We maintain vehicles to a level which avoids costly breakdowns and time off the road. In fact we keep your commercial fleet moving even under the most severe operating conditions. We will always bend over backwards to get a vehicle on the road again fast when there is a risk that our customers may let down there own customers.

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Only The Best
We only use approved Shell lubricants to ensure maximum engine and transmission service life – Only the correct specification shell lubricants are used as we believe Shell to be the best quality lubricants on the market with additives that will prolong the life of your vehicles.

Our Clients

Here’s a few of the quality brands we confidently fit to heavy commercial vehicles:

The only other parts we fit are manufacturer supplied – so all in all we fit genuine parts and that’s it. No aftermarket far-eastern manufactured parts that are dangerous and not cost effective. We will asses your individual needs and fit friction materials that are best suited to the type of work your vehicles do for cost effectiveness and performance.